Movie Villains

Deep down, we all wanted to be the villain. Why? They always got laid and got the coolest stuff. But, they always failed.

Just The Facts

  1. All movie villains share a common goal: taking over the world. They always fail. Miserably.
  2. Almost 99% of the time, the main villain will explain their evil plan. As to that, the heroes will foil 100% of the time. 92% as a timer hits 1.
  3. Conflict and resolution makes for a great story. As such, we need guys we love to hate or it'll be dull.
  4. All minions are idiots. No exceptions.

Cracked on Movie Villains

It seems with all movies, there needs to have conflicts. Without it, we have a million-and-a-half versions of Twilight. Thus, villains in movies are often badasses and more times more interesting then the guys you're suppose to cheer for.

"What do mean 'I'm the bad guy?' I ought to have you killed for that!"

A villain always seems to have that rational side where they think they're God: absolutely invisible to everything. Thus, have no connection to reality what-so-ever when they're defeated by the smallest thing they overlooked. And even when they're about to be defeated, they laugh as if they're five and it's Christmas morning.

See? It makes all evil doers seem cheerful. Right before they kill you.

When you see a villain, you know it's a villain. Most movie villains are not very subtle about them being hellbent on being ruler of the world. It makes you wonder how most people never caught on to how they always seemed...different.

Big scar on eye, wears all gray, has too many books and maps. But he has a cat, so he's a good guy.