Friends IMDb Forums

The entertainment world is full of beautiful people playing fake characters, and the inner workings of the Friends IMDb boards are as lively now as Jennifer Aniston's nipples were then. Shall we take a look into the world of trolls and regulars?


Exhibit A

Just The Facts

  1. About 25 regulars circulate the boards every day.
  2. I say circulate because they also attack trolls like well trained sharks.
  3. Topics about boobs/dicks/sex/alcohol and hot chicks go on daily.

The Average Troll

The average 'troll' takes four steps in making the perfect post which a regular can smell from

1. They lose all knowledge of the grammar they learnt in the 2nd grade.

2. They select another sitcom of which to latch onto and use it to defend their opinions or compare it to Friends.

3. They attach themselves to another intelligent regular who they abuse for having a different opinion.

4. Lastly, they pick a controversial topic which is sure to spark many a rant.

And they do it all to eventually become this guy:

Don't let his clever looking glasses fool you, a regular can see from his mismatched hair to goatee color ratio that he is not going to be nice, or articulate.
The Average Troll takes time out of his busy life, in what I assume is a 2 x 6 brick room in a basement where you can hear his socks rolling around in the dryer behind him, and decides to bring a little fighting to the lives of people around him. Is this, in affect, a nice thing to do actually? Are they allowing people to fight with people without the fear of having their tongue pulled through their ass? People are more confident online, maybe trolls are just a catalyst for that?
Maybe I've actually lost my mind.

The Average "Friends Fanatic"

For every 1 troll on the boards there are usually 2 nice, intelligent, friendly, (pun intended) people that defend each other and have decent eloquent conversations. People who can hear one line from the show and tell you exactly what episode it is.

They even play games revolving around this:

Exhibit B

And they are all able to debate and analysis every single part of the show until you realise that after it being off the air for 5 years and people are still talking about it now, that it really was a show for our generation. No matter how hard those trolls try to argue about religion, of having children out of wedlock, or evolution, or why can't Aniston wear a bra, the regulars will always be there to wittingly shoot them down.