Guido, a term sometimes considered racist is now used to describe...

Oh Dear jesus...

It has even spread to Sweden

Just The Facts

  1. Guido is a term used to describe, at one point, working class Italien Americans.
  2. Guido has become somewhat of a meme in a way which describes tanned arrogant young adults.
  3. Guidos are generally found in clubs and usually where the exact same clothing etc.
  4. Fake tan and tanning booth sessions are a huge part of a guido's survival.

A breif look at guidos.

Guido began as a racial slur describing working class Italian-Americans. Now it describes something quite different, something strange.. It seems that the term Guido now describes young adults, usually Italian American, who are using psuedo-style to annoy the hell out of everyone.

You guys are kidding... Yes?

As you can see Guido has turned into something that not even racism can justify, not even broken homes could justify the strange psychological behaviour these people must be going through... It's not even a thing about race I'm pretty sure Guidos are just attention seeking. I mean typing in Guido on google images sends you into a sea of fake tan which really makes me wonder are they joking, some of these pictures really look like Halloween constumes...

"Boys, you're off by about 2 months, it's christmas!"

The Attitude

Anyway enough about the Guido style, No one could really care less if it wasn't for the attitude. Anyone can be self absorbed and take up strange and disgusting looking skin habits, but thats not it they're just plain assholes! For the most part of any experience I've had nothing but disgust for the tough guy routine these people pull, its like laughing at a funeral, you know if you think about it too much its going to happen even though its not right it still does. And I don't mean to go on an anger driven rant so I'll leave you with this!