Nascar Safety

Why hello this is the TrueNerd speaking on Nascar safety. Save those laughs for later this is a serious matter!

Don't Forget your helmet!

Just The Facts

  1. Right is wrong way in Nascar.
  2. Cars Crash in Nascar (I Couldn't belive it either)
  3. In Nascar there is something called Happy Hour.

Why its questionable

When you have over 40 "vehicles" reaching at top speeds of over 200 miles per hour things could get a little tense. To even put those 2 words together gives me goose pimples. But ok I guess I'm not giving Nascar enough credit for improving saftey on their vehicles. On second thought...

"Is everyone ok?"

Now now these pile ups don't occur every race of course, just on occasion. The drivers are well aware that they are going at speeds that the average male dreams about going in their minivans while picking up jimmy from school. Think about it this way, if you were making an average of around 10 - 15 million dollars a year to drive a car around in a circle and not get flagged or damages to your vehicle you might as well make damn sure you don't crash.

Now that brings up the fact that the closer to first you get the more money you gain. Jeff Gordon (Famous Nascar Vehicle Operator) Made a bit over 20 million a year in his career. So that means a few bumps and taps couldn't hurt that much if it means more money!
It comes to point where you think to yourself, is it worth it? Hell yes.

How Nascar makes it Safer.

There are the occasional rules and measures taken to prevent these..."incidents."
For example did you know Nascar drivers can get penalized for driving too fast. Thats right Nascar has a speed limit. Oh boy must you be ticked that your in the last lap 2nd place and old Tom is just an inch infront of you but if you go too fast....PENALIZATION. Oh but that just makes you want to "slightly" tap the side of his vehic. . . Nevermind.

Slow Down!

Now if a speed limit wasn't enough they obviously build the cars very well caged and precisely to protect the driver. Yes now that protects the sport of nascar completely, theres saftey for ya!

Now that just leaves the thousands of fans watching in the track, some just a few feet away from the track. What should we do with them?

I got it! Build a cement wall not to big about 3 - 5 feet from the track and 2 feet high, and a fence! That should stop any car from penetrating into the auidience. We protect our fans!

Does it work?

Well, in all its genius and hard thinking to make it as safe for the fans as for the drivers surprisingly not too many people get hurt. Right?

What was that? Last lap, a little bump won't do much. . .HOLY SHIT! Well at least the car didn't fly into the audience. . . Just seven people had to be treated due to flying debris, 1 female air transported.

Thank god for those stronger. . . catch fences, good work guys!