Nascar Safety

When it comes to sports, nothing can be more dangerous then speeding past a mass drunken crowd going 200+ trying to catch a glimpse of your hot cousin sitting in the front row.

You stay classy nascar fans

Just The Facts

  1. Nascar is slowly gaining more headway in sports
  2. Most nascar fans are rednecks

Safety Tips

If you've watched a lap of any Nascar race then you've pretty much seen the whole race. If your not a die hard fan of Nascar then you probably caught a few safety tips from just watching the race, here are a few in case the Nascar fans didn't put them together.

1.Don't Turn Right- Seeing how all the tracks are a big oval, you might of solved this one out, turning right is just bad news, unless your speed racer and you have a button that'll make you survive a head on collision with a wall, i suggest you avoid it. The only good that will come out of you going right is your going to give a few fans some souvenirs from the race, maybe they'll get lucky and catch your common sense, at least they'll use it.

2. Avoid contact- By this time your already speeding down the track at top speeds with a bunch of other cars hot on your heels, so your best bet would be to stay away from the other cars. Touching another car at those speeds would cause you to spin out of control and cause your life to flash before your eyes, and we all know you dont want to remember what happened between you and your uncle terry last Thanksgiving. Your best bet would be to avoid all the cars, so get into first place and you'll be all clear.