Although a lot of bad shit has come from the MotherLand (monkey pox, most disease that can fuck up your wee-wee and fat ass dangerous honey bees). Africa is known for a lot of good things as well!

Charlize Theron Every African Man's Dream

Bling Bling Muthafucka

Single MILFs with Aids....All I Wanna Do Is Zoom A Zoom Zoom

Just The Facts

  1. Africa has the most flies per capita at 40,000 per person.
  2. Contrary to belief Wesley Snipes is not the darkest muthafucka alive (tied for first with 1b people in Africa).
  3. Africa is a song written by Toto (No other continents have songs named after them).

Notable People From Africa

Who is the most people African Export? If you guessed Dikembe Mutumbo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo your a freakin genius. He oozes Africa (he's huge, he's black and he eats his impala extra rare).


Desmond Tutu

This muthafucka can't get jiggy wit dis shit and he is a bitch ass ......


Somalian Pirates (Johnny Depp and got shit on them)


African Fashion

These are some up and coming trends that you will undoubtable see shortly.

The Ugandan Giant Look



The Voodoo Look


Music (Is That Bomb Beats That I Hear)

Because Africa is the birthplace of life it is also the birthplace of music, check out these dope rhymes, biaaaatch!


Aint no passing craze


Turn your speakers up loud for this