Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 has a high Fan Base, and the exclusivity to great games, DLC, and early access to demos.

Xbox live, the home of Dip shits and Douchebags alike

Your typical Xbox Live Douchebag

The last game you play before going insane

Just The Facts

  1. The Xbox is the most superior game console currently out.
  2. Halo 3 is the best online experience you can ever possibly have
  3. Xbox Live is full of wonderful people who will immediately be your friends.
  4. Fuck the facts, they are all LIES!!!!


The Xbox 360 is a very great console, it has a great selection of games, some of the best RPGs and FPS' you can ask for, and can be a great time when your playing, providing you're not playing online.

Dont get me wrong, you probably think the online is great, but its only because you're one of the assholes fucking it up for everybody else.
Xbox Live is a place where beasts like the Douchebag and 12-year-old (TYO) Dip shit live, sure, there are some pretty stand-up people you'll encounter from time to time, but lets face it, you're in for hell. Neither of these things meet up with the Ass-Hat the Troll however, he dominates Halo 3, he is supposedly a troll that's 19 years old by his description, but has the voice of a TYO Dip-Shit, but what seperates him from the Dip shits, he not only constantly calls you a noob for killing him constantly after his camping fails, then winning the game with a tactical nuke in MW2 (you're not even safe in what was once the only haven on Xbox Live) but he will report to a mod, get himself banned, and make a new account just to fuck with you, he tends to ruin your Rep with saying you weren't playing accordingly, or that you were thrash talking, but you say okay, hes a cock-badger, dont ask me what the fuck a cock-badger is, just picture a badger and cock combined.


There are some Pros to owning a 360, for its singlepayer games, not to mention the greatest RPG ever.
The Greatest RPG ever made

You even get some Exclusive DLC and Game Demos, providing you pay $50 a year for a gold account, but its actually worth it once you think about, but then there are cons, Like Microsoft loving money, hell, they would rape you to death, bring you back to life, and rape you again if they can, oh, and they would steal your wallet and call you a bitch somewhere in the middle. The Xbox gets exclusive games too, like Bioshock, which had a good year or so of exlusivity on the 360. Not to mention Gears of War 1 and 2, Alan Wake, and some substanstial great games i'm missing that the commenters will graciously point out while calling me Captain FuckFace for Calling them a douchebag, wich points out that they know who they are.

Also the Graphics on the 360 are superior to the Ps3 for Multi-platform games (MPG's), Bayonetta being the biggest example here, the 360 version had amazing graphics and a great framerate, which is a must for the games over-the-top action sequences, where the ps3 versions its muddied and atrocious, Read Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed 2 also had better comparable graphics, With RDR running at 720p on the 360 and 640p on the Ps3, where AC2 on the 360 had cleaner, more vibrant graphics compared to the ps3, then theres Mafia 2, which used newer tech than the ps3 version, causing 2K Czech to give some bullshit story about why they lack the skill to develop games for the ps3.

Another note is that The 360 MPG's get more content, one perfect Example here is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, where the 360s version had hours of content that was cut from the Ps3 version, Like Quests, Areas, and armor.

Microsofts way of telling gamers to fuck off

Recently, Microsoft revealed the Xbox 360 S, the S probably stands for slim, for all i know it could stand for "Suck on this morons", the S uses completely new hardware, there is a transfer cable for idiots like me who kept my old hardware when my 360 crapped out, now i have a wifi adapter that cost me $100 dollars that i cant sell or use, but some commenters are going to say , "Then just buy a a 360 Elite and stop bitching about it, Asshole", you dont buy last years model thats more expensive with less harddrive space and the probability of RROD when you could buy a newer model with less problems, for those that didnt pay attention, would you pay $50 dollars more for a big clumsy car thats gonna crap out on you, or a sleeker, better model, that has less of a chance of crapping out on you?

I should have reversed that, it would've made more sense.

Xbox Live Gaming and you.

Paying for Xbox live multiplayer is like paying for extra for brakes when you buy a new car, its something that should've came standard in the first place, but after a $50 fee for one years gold service, you now get to be frustrated by little dipshits with no common sense, i mean, those little fuckwads could say all the shit the want, but you threaten to slit their throat once, and you get a one month ban from xbox live, i mean its not my fault little Johnny Dipshit just turned 12 and thinks his balls dropped, he has the voice of Justin Fucking Bieber, but says hes going to "Cap me in with his .45" if i didn't stop killing him, then theres the Frat Boy Cock Snot who thinks because hes a junior in college hes better than you, its funny, because i didnt know community college had levels.... or fratboys for that matter, but nothing beats the backstabber, the guy whos always on your team, but kills you when you're close enough, i know how annoying this is because i used to be this guy, but i learned, the only way to learn is to stop playing Halo, Why? Because Fuck HALO, Thats mother-fucking why,( except for Reach, that game is AMAZING), also, i.....uhhhh.....shit..... i forgot......... fuck it, im going to go play Reach.

The Kinect

Man, fuck the Kinect.

But in all seriousness, the Kinect is Microsofts way of cashing in on the Wii's success.

But the bonus here is you look like an incredible ass while playing!!!

I'm serious, if you are a gamer and you bought this, your status as a gamer is revoked, because your a moron.

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The Xbox 360 has a high Fan Base, and the exclusivity to great games, DLC, and early access to demos.