Craptions Classics April 27, 2008

A black kid? A BLACK KID?! IN MY TOWN?!


Other Craptions

At 10:42:32 am EST, Hank Williams statues worldwide became self-aware.

Mike Huang

No one gives a shit about Steve Bunyan.


The new Disney crossover movie, "Honey, I Blew Up Toy Story," seemed destined to fail.


"This town aint big enough for the bo... hell this town just aint big enough"


Slow dances were a bitch for Karl with his hand permanently fixed in boob-squeezing position.


Joe tried to act natural, he threw the weed behind the nearest building and waved to the commissioner. There was something that wasn't right about the eyes though...


Michael Jackson's worst nightmare: watchful parents.

Henry A Lee

"Now on display at Building F... The emotional range of Jeff Goldblum."


The monster scheduled for Cloverfield 2 just isn't doing it for me.


Ah, another day of Superhal spam craptioning a picture in a desperate attempt to win.


After much consideration, the town decided not to put up the giant heath ledger statue.


The trojan cowboy wasn't nearly as effective.


Before the got his big break, the Jolly Green Giant sold triangle hats.

Henry A Lee

In the 50's, America's border policy was scary, yet uneffective.

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