Craptions Classics December 22, 2007

Everyone cheered, when finally our friends from the stars sucked up the last of the homosexuals.


Other Craptions

...but other than that, French Christmas is pretty much the same


Why are you all staring!? There is a sparkler in my ass! WHY IS NO ONE HELPING!?


"Even if I lose at least I'll still have my dignity."

Nick Coffin

I hate French Disneyland.


Many fans gather to watch as Elton John blows out the candles on his birthday cake.


Passer-bys awaited in anticipation at this newly-erected fountain in Florence, Italy, wondering just where the water would spout out.


...and jesus wept


After "embracing radical islam" and "drugdealing" Mrs. Clinton strongly denies all knowledge of Barack Obama having been an acrobat. The aid who sent you this photo has been fired.


Right Said Fred's career never really recovered after this. It appears they were NOT too sexy for a sparkler in the ass.


It was at this moment, Brad wished he had followed the advice given to him by his guidance counsler.


Taking a cue from Superman, homosexual superheroes Captain Fellatio and his sidekick Bubble Butt Boy turn back the earth's rotation to stop the book of Leviticus from being written.


Why settle for one mostly naked guy doing a handstand above a crowd with a sparkler in his ass when you can have two.


HOLY SHIT!!! since when were women allowed out of the house


Petomane Arty & DoReMi Farty only know one song, but like always around Christmas time their version of "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" is the hit, the talk and the smell of the town. Bravo.

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