Craptions Classics December 12, 2007

"And tha trick was all steppin ta me, and I was like 'I know this trick ain't jus did that,' so I bust out my nine, and blasted on that foo." "Damn, Leslie-Ann, you one crazy bitch."


Other Craptions

You must be at least this ugly to sit here


Sorry I'm late. You just can't leave the directions at "the wall with the giant cock on it" when you live in San Francisco.


...and then you just take it off the grill and... oh shit. There's one right behind me isn't there?


Big Bird is whatching you!


Unfortunately Juliet and Romiete’s lesbian love could never be because one was a member of the Chicken head gang and the other was a Gassa.


After her divorce, Karen began dating women in hopes of finding someone who was emotionally available. Yet, she sometimes found her self dreaming about a giant cock.


When you're a Cock You're a Cock all the way From your first cigarette To your last dyin' day


Sadly, Cluckthulhu's only followers were old ladies.


That creeping mural is the hottest chick of the three.


they are just trying to reaffirm their lesbian agenda "COCKS ARE EVIL!"


Don't move, it's vision is based on movement. Ignore it, and it will go away.


This is the closest to a cock these two rug munchers will ever get.


Madeleine's menopause hovered over her everyday interactions like a gigantic, graffiti-demon,chicken of death.


You can usually tell when graffiti is done by a preschooler. Elmo has always been popular, but we've been seeing a lot of "big bird's" pop up lately.

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