Craptions Classics December 07, 2007

Armed Forces Tetris never really took off.


Other Craptions

With only a trampoline and a whisper of "Your shoe is untied" Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster makes it to the front of the line for body armor in 4 seconds.

Jonathan Kimak

Peter pan never really fit in with B company.


The Army is testing a new method of floating by using farts. As you can see it's quite effective!


The things you miss as you tie your bootlaces.


Shortly after this photo was taken, The Army stopped training Special Forces near San Francisco...


The scene Tom Cruise really had in mind in Mission Impossible.


The squad slowly but surely pulled the earth right-side up. Their quick thinking saved the life of Lt. Anderson, who was stuck in a time warp.


Surprisingly, most modern military tactics were stolen from the film Braveheart.


After creating a helium filled inflatable soldier, DARPA started work on its next project. A soldier with five asses.


As the Anti-Christ fell to Earth, the Genreal assembled his team of wind ninjas to repel the invasion.


"...bend over and I'll show you."


The Polish Army's tribute to Evel Knievel.


Peter had little faith that the plan would work, but when all 5 of the enemy soldiers bent down to pick up the quarter, he sprung into attack mode.


DARPA's testing of its new gay repellent saturated BDUs was a resounding success.

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