Craptions Classics November 27, 2007

to be honest, you can put the school for the blind pretty much anywhere.


Other Craptions

One does not simply WALK into Mordor... one must first pass the BAR exam!


"I went to Harvard, where did you go?" "A goddamn cave bitch."


Only one of you will become the new Batman...


"Yeah, well, when I was your age..." "Shut up, Grandpa."


"I get the feeling Miss Frizzle isn't coming back for us."


Then all of a sudden the class was teleported to a mystical, fantastic and dangerous land. But they were not afraid, for between them, they had over 482 days world of warcraft experience.


The indignity of studying within a cavern notwithstanding, Julie and Thomas couldn't understand why their desk was inconveniently shorter than everyone else's.


"Why" do I make you walk 4 miles?? Because the acoustics here a fucking FANTASTIC!


No Child Left Behind hits West Virginia at just the right time.


Korea's School of Rock.


This is what Americans think Korean schools are like. Oddly enough, this is also what Koreans think American schools are like.

Ryan Oskroba

Let's rehears the "We are your lunch" song one more time before the monster gets back home.


Teach... your children well, And what the hell - under power lines And show basket weaving Because you picked the cave that's nearby.


You know what this classroom needs? One of those motivational posters.....oh, and some walls.

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