Craptions Classics November 14, 2007

Iran hasn't quite understood the phrase "Nuclear Arms"


Other Craptions

I promise you there is no gays in Iran... so what I'm shirtless and wearing a beret, what are you saying?


The Iranians constant hints at their PM's bad hygiene were becoming a more prominent part of their political propaganda. It seems this was the only way he'd understand the importance of a good deodorant.


The Macy's Ramadan parade in Tehran didn't go off quite how the sponsors envisioned...


WWIII turned out to be a huge let down, as giant inflatable dolls replaced conventional weapons.


As expected, the multi-layered political commentary was lost on the American parade goers. Instead, neighborhood kids started getting Atomic tattoos and sales of the Ronco 'Man Groomer' surged.


This is what happens when Ahmedinejad squeezes open a can of spinach and sucks it through a corncob pipe


What if Wrestlemania were held at The Hague?


Recalling Bush the Elder's trip to Japan, apparently the Bush men don't like the smell of fish.


President Bush then tried to drum up support on The Hill to bomb the Rose Parade.


Not exactly a testament to the strength of the Iranian president... It doesn't take much to convince Bush to snort lines of blow out of your armpit.


Iran: strong enough for a man, pH balanced for... well, obviously not a woman.


Where's Waldo? Iran!


Iran's President Ahmadinejad wants George Bush inside him. 'nuff said


That was a huge disapointment for Ahmadinejad, he thought he was going to meet Arnold.

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