Craptions Classics November 11, 2007

Never trust a divorced man to make statues of Mary for your church.


Other Craptions

"You see Father, the 'Good News Emporium' was out of angel statues. So I improvised with my left over Halloween decorations... you like?"


Kazakh Antique Roadshow.


In a bid to modernize the Catholic Church and win over more converts, the Pope made Paul Stanley patron saint of power chords.


"The God of skullfucking has answered my prayers! Thank you Dickeyephus!"

j mcfarl3

Slayers album covers have become ever more strange since they changed to christian rock


An icy chill ran down his spine. "Hey Carl, you ever get that feeling like the cold clammy touch of a Mexican?"


Err, excuse me Angel of Death... I'm having a little trouble seeing over your wings.


Then they reached the conclusion that angels need food too.


Hindsight being 20/20, Carlos realized that perhaps this particular guardian angel was the correct one to rid his son of nightmares.


Photographic evidence the Angel of Death is not controlled by God, but in fact by the divine authority of a stoned mexican named..Oswaldo


Photographic Evidence that the Angel of Death is not controlled by God, rather the higher power of a stoned mexican named..Oswaldo


OK Manuel, seriously, these things creep the congregation the fuck out. Knock that shit off, Ok?


"All right, that was a pretty good prank. Those Methodists are really gonna get it though."


Some people will pray to anything to try and get a Nintendo Wii.

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