Craptions Classics November 04, 2007

The local poultry started getting more cocky as the community became more and more vegan.


Other Craptions

Death wore many guises... as Brenda would soon learn.


Kathy had chosen a poor day to quit drinking.


The turkey was having a bad day and taking it out on passers-by. "Oh, look at me! I walk upright! I carry a day planner. I'm SOOOOO superior! Listen, sister, your neck is going to look like this before you know it."


Just this morning Allison told God in her prayer to give her a sign if he wanted her and Tom to move to Turkey.


How PETA sees the world


russian prostitutes are ugly and filthy. theres a turkey in this picture too


Marjorie was startled. A Human on the street? It had obviously escaped from the TurkeyTown Abattoirs.


Beth walked out of the cosmetic surgery clinic, proud that her new body finally reflected what she's always known to be her true identity.

Ryan Oskroba

"Ay Yo, Gobble Freakin' Gobble." Guess that's what they mean by Italian Turkey...


Debbie picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.


Jim henson's getting really good at this


so the end is here....


Delma envies the turkey's thin, sexy legs. She wished SHE were a people sized monster turkey.

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