Craptions Classics October 18, 2007

Survival is difficult inside Kirstie Alley's stomach.


Other Craptions

Melissa would never misspell "carpool" on Craig's List again.


What is to come in Saw V


Initially, Betty was turned off by Bucks's poo fetish. With a little love, understanding, and education she has come to embrace his bacchanalian lifestyle.


My god, how low is that guy's crotch?


Never mind dear, the next time we read golden showers, your happy place and Disney characters all in one post on a blog we'll know not to speed read anymore!


NoFrills has launched themselves into the Hotel business.....offering low low prices with none of the frills of staying at a regular hotel

Rat Boy

Recent renovations on the Sistine Chapel reveals Michaelangelo's theory of the "massive shit-stain orgy" of life.

Mike Huang

Soon after Christopher Paul Neil did the right thing by turning himself in, his guilty consience stopped bothering him and he had a lovely nights sleep at the bangkok hilton.


Sure, the septic tank leaked, but it was really starting to feel like home...


This is what you see when you put your sperm under a microscope...


"...and this, gentlemen, is a sample of Woody Allen's sperm..."


Mary Magdaline asked for "a few moments with the courpse"...and the rest is all Davinci Code history

Rat Boy

"I don't know. Maybe we should've at least looked at the time share!"

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