Craptions Classics October 13, 2007

Suddenly her vacuum cleaner exploded, and the dust bunny could finally seek revenge.


Other Craptions

Yes, the curtain matches the drapes: She has a rabbit's vagina, too.

Lex Friedman

And to this day, police are baffled as to how Moon-eye Betty smuggled those two bricks of Heroin through customs.

Michael Swaim

Cindy stared at the mirror in bisbelief....she had lost her earring.


Warner Bros executives had second thoughts about having Salvador Dali direct the new Bugs Bunny movie.


Still getting used to the new camera?


When the democratic party, to try and find reason to attack Bush's exit plan, for some reason they saved it as a .jpg by accident and- My God.


The new Vogue Easter feature


The successor to the renowned "A Clockwork Orange" is, many would say, remarkably more disturbing than it's predecessor. So much so, in fact, that it drove these guys shit-ass crazy.


The u.s.s. enterprises first, and only attempt at using an improbability drive, ended in failure.


Voted "Most Innovative Costume for a Dumb Ass" at this year's award ceremony.


silly rabit, drugs are for kids

Scotty Jamoka

Priest: This is not a human child. Make no mistake. Mr. Thorn: Is there proof? Priest: ...


After Donnie's death, Frank the Bunny finally found true love.

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