Craptions Classics October 06, 2007

The coloured potmonster unsuccessfully tries to eat an unimpressed hindi with chopsticks.


Other Craptions

Studies show that four out of five indonesian children have dealt pot at one point or another.


Being a roadie for a jug band is a bitch.


While Lil' Jepe knew his parents would be pleased that he had sold his younger sisters for such a price, there was now no one to help him bring the bounty home.

President Scroob

after a while plying the "we love katimari 2: trip to India" people started noticing the items weren't very distinct.


Ironically for Dave, after investing all his cash, the fashion turned out to be for pastel colours this year.


What ypu looking at ?! it's from armani !


This episode of Dr Who is based in India and includes Gay Daleks as the main theme.


It was a good birthday, but he knew he would never get what he really wanted.

plan B

It's only because we use child labor in the manufactoring of the pots, that we can afford to put one filled with gold at the end of each and every rainbow for you to find. So when you see a rainbow, stop your effing liberal whining and start your eff


LSD + Pot = ...


Noone expected hidden cache of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" would be Skittles flavored.


Novelty peddlers outside the snake charmers convention.


Pot grows in piles rather than plants


Rajiv and the 1 man 200 jug band!

Capt. Badonkadonk
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