Craptions Classics September 19, 2007

"Quick, bank right! They're right on our ass!"
"That's exactly where we want them..."

Ugly Bob

Other Craptions

With a homosexual as a deflector, the Royal Air Force was now completely invisible to Gaydar.


He wasn't one for self sacrifice, but Henry knew that Gayzilla's only weakness was a gaudy accessory straight to the heart.


Leave Britney ALONE!


"Oh for fuck's sake, Uwe. You just had to make Ziggy Stardust into a movie, didn't you?"


There's got to be a David Bowie joke in here somewhere, but I don't really want to find it...

J Random

Thanks to superior Nano technology we now finally have insight into both Elton John's and Michael Jackson's dreams.


Red Baron: The Untold Story


Ziggy Cropduster


In Soviet Russia, you pay tooth fairy!


This is what you get when you take the animals out of the circus. Are you happy Cirque du Soleil? ARE YOU HAPPY?!


Jerry had always dreamed of flying the skys as a boy. With the latest technology he was finally able to achieve his dream.


Few remember David Bowie's "biplane era."


Hitler's youth league had an experimental paratrooper division, fortunately they were wiped on their first practice jump, taking a good chunk of the Aryan uber race with them.

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