Craptions Classics July 12, 2007

They had the fire. They had the filth. And just when they though it couldn't get any more metal, Hong through up the horns.


Other Craptions

Chow had no idea what the protest was about. All he knew was that if ever there was a time to play some air guitar, this was it!

El G

Despite the best efforts of the police, Homeless Sapiens discover fire.


Wang's heart soared with pride as he held aloft the Olympic flame, despite Beijing's budget crisis.


It turns out that, unlike most predators, Police are not afraid of fire and loud noises.


Yang had been disappointed by the Readers Digest Sweepstakes one too many times.


Running out of bras to burn, these Asian women turned to burning the instructions.


As the Beijing police force looks on in sheer indifference, the homeless hero's courageously burn their Wal-Mart receipt.


Chinese goverment downplays last Saturdays protest held to end annoying subscription inserts in Better Homes And Gardens


The irony... chin burning his own pyro-kinesis diploma on his first day, just as he was presenting it politely to the officer.


DENZEL! HEY DENZEL! Can I have your autograph???


This is as rebellious as the Chinese get? Even the cops look bored.

snatch foo

Some countries were a little slower in discovering fire than others.

Senor Taco

The cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed we're just the beginning...


The Chines police had special powers, setting the petition on fire by looking at it ws just the first warning. The chinese version of Cheech would be next...

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