Craptions Classics July 11, 2007

Something was lost in translation when Catholicism was taken over to Japan.


Other Craptions

Ha, peaseants! I wouldn't be caught dead swimming in anything less than a '93 merlot!


Remember, fish pairs with white, but Chinese goes best with a nice red.


Chang's least favorite daughter secures her position by having her first period now.


Even with a buffet of this size, the wine was hungry 30 minutes later.


Giant garbage disposal: 22
Unsuspecting tourists: -12784


OK...who pissed in my wine?!


Jeffrey Dahmer's swimming pool!


The Lilliputians only spared Gulliver because he had several small wine bottles in his pocket.

do it

John had to adjust his glasses to make sure he was seeing everything right. In front of him was proof that the government had finally bred pandas with dachshunds

De-glazing with a nice red will add a kick to your Chinese cooking...


Choi slowly backed away; she had lured them in and soon they would see where the 'red' in 'red wine' really comes from...


"Dammit you kids. Quit your wining."


The Charles Shaw Park only saw one year of action before the Government shut it down.


And all China's women and all of its men couldn't put Kool-Aid man together again.

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