Craptions Classics June 08, 2007

The Ministry of Silly Walks puts its crack military unit into action


Other Craptions

Making John Cleese the head of their military seemed like a good idea at first.


The 4th Reich had some work to do...


The general failed to show up, so the troops were forced to inspect themselves.

Lawnmover Man

"Your dick looks like Italy."

German Agent 006

Neo woke up. Upside down torso dive through a one legged Turkish guard? What did that mean?


"How long are we going to have to wait for this prostate exam?"


Special order of the fanned head attack; Dual kicking boots of booting, beeoowww!


Introducing the Gay Broadway Islamic Nazi Party of Canada, now the official opposition.


In turkey, shoes are used instead of condoms.


the pakistani army lost more men to horrific groin injury in 2005 than to injuries stustained in combat


If the height of your goose step and flamboyants of your head gear is the soul measure of your fascist resolve, the Jews are about to be soundly fucked once again.


His benevolence as a ruler was praised throughout the land, but his subjects all agreed that President Ahmadinejad sucked at assembling model kits.


It wasn't keeping their legs held up that hurt the insurgents so much as being seen in those hats.


Jaws 4 the corprate Shark

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