Craptions Classics May 25, 2007

"Take that, you fucking rhombus!"

USB animl

Other Craptions

The location of the 2008 Olympics being held in China, a good thing.

The equipment of the 2008 Olympics being made in China, a bad thing.


This is why I hate German porn.


Inspector Gadget's female counterpart blows a gas line in her right knee-cap.


Ikea lounging furniture takes a bold new look.


watch me fhoot this rubber ball outa mah cooter!


Oh SHIT I broke the worlds tallest bong

Dan the man

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

Ben Friesen

Her vagina was really tight, and in order to have sex she needed a flying start.


Things were done differently in the often controversial Alternative Olympics. Like in this picture for example. Notice the clearly visible ankle tattoo.


I can't believe I left my last Gynecologist for THIS guy.


Have a happy period. Or, y'know. dont.


I knew i shouldnt have bought this 10 foot dildo


Frankenfurter has come back for The Rock Horror Picture Show: Frankenfurter In School

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