Craptions Classics May 03, 2007

Fun Fact: It has been scientifically proven that the 6th most unpleasant thing in the world is being bitten by a photograph of Forest Whitaker.


Other Craptions

Obama started to suspect the crowd was mislead.


While the crowd was distracted, Catwoman silently crept forward to assassinate who she believed to be Morgan Freeman.


Forest Whitaker requires at least 1 of every ethnic group to be present at his picture signings.


As the crowd of freaks and lunatics drew ever closer, only one thing went through his head...

"Run, Forest! Run!'

El G

Now, at the next full moon, the poor man would become the dread WereWhitaker!


As the aging hippy watched with a grin, the image of Forest Whitaker came alive and bit that poor man's hand. Yes indeed, the future was everything Doc Brown's son could have imagined.


Even Forest froze as catwoman was making her way to the front, but not for a signature


DENZEL! HEY DENZEL! Can I have your autograph???


Nothing can stop Forrest Whitaker's hunger, nothing!


Not only did Morgan Freeman agree to sign a picture of someone other than himself, but other B-list celebrities Iggy Pop and Catwoman materialised from the crowd hoping to do the same.


Seriously, who wears a pink tie?

Gay Jesus?


Shaq didn't mind signing autographs for other black celebrities. He realized that most people couldn't tell the difference b/w black men. Come to think of it, he never knew whose picture he was signing himself.


So that's how Escher did it...

Brendan N.

“Ya” said Idi Amin to the crowd.
“He does look like me.”

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