Craptions Classics May 02, 2007

"And I would have gotten away with starting a war in Iraq if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"

Haschel Cedricson

Other Craptions

The Siamese twins had lived radically different lifestyles just to spite eachother.


By season 7 the mysteries of Lost had become markedly less compelling


In an effort to show the nicer side of radical Islam, angry mobs have replaced burning in effigy with giving their opponents rabbit ears in effigy.


"Not now, Saruman. I'm thinking."

USB animl

... and yet the scary part wasn't discovering that George W. Bush was really a dummy in a mask. It was that, in hindsight, that was the only explanation possible.


"..and my other hand is right up his ass! Hahahahahah"


"Wrong effigy, Abdul, we're supposed to be protesting against Denmark today!"
"Well... fuck"

Dr. F

Bill tried to bunny-ear George Bush, but was still oblivious to the two buildings that were stealthily bunny-earing him.


Without Jim Carrey, each sequel to The Mask continued to get a little more far fetched.


ZZ Top's 2007 Rock Against Bush Tour


One in the stink and one in the ... who am I kidding, he likes the whole fist


Well-dressed and recently washed, Rashid's beard was the only thing standing between him and the outsourced Microsoft customer support job. Thankfully, he had a mask. And, if that failed, a guy to make his own beard seem tame in comparison.


Santa decided this year that every black man should be given a white man's face.


Party like a Rock Star, Party like a Rock...

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