Craptions Classics September 30, 2006

This is what happens when you divide by zero.

Photon X

Other Craptions

Not many people are aware that Mercedes also makes quality giant monkeys.


Nobody believed grandpa's stories from 'Nam . . . until they saw the pictures.


Dear Dr. Z: Vhat ze fuck?


As the tarp fell, the audience looked on in amazement as the monkey magician conjured a homosexual from thin air, just like he promised.


"BEHOLD! The Taiwanese army."


With the giant hippy monkey determined to brainwash the populace with its giant package, only Censorship Man could save us.

Captain Grand

King Kong rampaged through New York City after finding out that The Post had published some embarrassing pictures of him from the 60's.

Linux fan

Rehabilitation was proving to be a rather difficult process for Dr Oc


Doc Oc: "Woah! That's not it..."


Don't you want to touch my monkey?

Bob is Cool

The new Mercedes "Monkey" had not got the reception anticipated. But the vehicle was popular amongst the "gay" scene


They werent to be fooled. Ronald McDonald's facepaint could not hide his true colour.


charlie couldnt understand why none of his friends ever accepted his homemade fuit juice, of course he understood later when they gave him back his glasses.


look what this guys head is covering up on the monkey

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