Craptions Classics January 25, 2011

Most people are surprised when they take their computers apart and see how they actually work


Other Craptions

That's right. Gepetto's origins are just as creepy as you'd imagine them to be.

You laugh, but this elf on a bike is what’s powering New York City.


No matter how hard Bob tried, he couldn't recreate the famous scene from E.T. MYTH BUSTED.


Some man-caves are better left alone.


It's comforting to know that even model train enthusiasts have someone to look down on.


It delivers tiny newspapers to all the dollhouses in the neighborhood.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Not all Cabbage Patch Kids get adopted to the right home.


Raising bonsai children is a lost art.


Yeah, it's cool, but I'd really rather have, ya know, friends.


"I hope Fred is right, I'm sure the ladies will flock"


Now bring out the hamster and watch them fight to the death!


Whatever the hell he's doing, he obviously has a P.H.D. in.

Chris Berglund

Patent Pending.


Most people who catch a leprechaun release him in exchange for a pot of gold. Too bad for this little tyke, Gerald decided he would rather have a pet leprechaun.

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