Craptions Classics January 23, 2011

C-mart?! Why you no get A-mart?! You no play xbox no more, you study!!


Other Craptions

C Mart: Guarded by ninja aliens. We also cash checks.


"Crap. I'm in the blue alien side of town. Better keep a hand on my purse."


Cmart - We use no additives that adversely affect your DNA! In case you were worried about that for some reason.


"I know this is sexist, but let's keep walking and see if we can find a Double D Mart."


It's a common misconception that everyone from Japan, even the aliens, know karate.


K Mart's failure in China was partly blamed on poor advertising.


M. Night Shyamalan realized that he had lost most of his audience in America, so he started making movies in Japan. They still don't make any damned sense.


Yo momma's so stupid that she thought posing for this picture would make her look cmart.


Nobody had the heart to tell grandma that she was wearing grandpa's hat.


Call Agent Mulder. I found the truth out here.


Hey kids, if you don't buy from C-Mart, Ultra Man will saw off his own left hand.


C Mart, K Mart's super kung-fu awesome Asian cousin.


We were shocked when we learned that Nana was sneaking off for porn chat at the Muriwui internet cafe in the C Mart adult store.


Japan's Trojan Man

Chris Berglund
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