Craptions Classics January 08, 2011

I thought she looked a bit mousy too, but this is just mean.


Other Craptions

Beheadings were a much longer process before the invention of the guillotine.

Thomas Calnan

True to their word, Arizona catches their first Mexican.


After the fall of civilization, the game Mousetrap became a deadly, horrifying death sport.


All your alternate accounts are no help to you now, are they?


Where's Admiral Ackbar when you need him?


Let the punishment for stealing cheese fit the crime!!!


Tryouts for the World's Strongest Man competitions are not as interesting as the main events.


"No Jim, I swear. There's a really small picture, but you have to lok reallllllly close.... closer...." *SNAP* "Ohhh man! I got you good dude!.... Now sleep Jim. Sleep."


Kids get your very own White Trash Mousetrap! -- And if you act now, a complementary trash can will be included! (White Trash sold separately)


Sure, you've built a better Gothtrap, but, sadly, they'll only build a better Goth.


What happens at Disney World stays at Disney World.


Alfred dawned his talking billboard costume once again. Today he would sure as hell pass out flyers with enthusiasm. But then e began to break out in a cold sweat. Memories of last time flooded into his brain....

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