Craptions Classics December 31, 2010

When you said Elton John got arrested for nailing some dude in public, this isn't what I had in mind.


Other Craptions

The gay mafia has ways of weeding out infiltrators.


Wait, let me reposition my dick a minute--wait, let me--I SAID WAIT!!!


“Yes Frank, you have to wear the pink boa, otherwise everyone will think this looks weird.”


"It's a REALLY funny story on why I have tetanus..."

Chris Berglund

Help, help, I'm being re-pressed!


"...And that's why I was late to work."

Chris Berglund

Wait ,where'd you say you say you went to medical school again?


It's a good thing they're steadying him or else this might know...unsafe.


Wait a minute- there's a problem with their gay test. Justin Bieber is the bait.


This sandwich has everything - greens, meat and lots of iron.


“Why? Because if I was to get these piercings done individually in a shop, it would take months and cost a small fortune.”


“It’s an effective treatment to cure pedophilia. We surround the afflicted’s genitals with spikes, add on additional weight, and bring in the Justin Bieber look alike. Any erections are painfully eliminated.”


Punk rock isn't just dead; turns out it died horribly.


If these are JustIn Bieber's parents, I may owe that kid an apology.

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