Craptions Classics November 24, 2010

SPOILER ALERT: He still doesn't catch the Roadrunner.


Other Craptions

The last 5 seconds of my life were kick ass


The bike is powered by propane and its builder is powered by meth.


Able to go from 0 to "Oh MY GOD! I"M GONNA DIE!" in under 2 seconds.

They say winning isn't everything. Those people are wrong.


When you can distill moonshine AND siphon it into your mouth WHILE jumping the grand canyon, I'd say you've got covered everything.


Chad hated tailgaters. He hated them a lot.


My wife originally asked me to hire a plumber, but I said, "Aw, fuck it, I'll just wing it and viola - toilet bike." Anyhow, my evenings are a lot quieter since she stopped speaking to me.


It's just a precaution. Before you take this out for a ride you really really should void your bowels first.

Thomas Calnan

Who needs brakes when you could have a wheelchair?

Chris Berglund

It's not going to be a quiet day at Lake Woebegon…


Forget the port-a-potties.... WE'RE GONNA JUMP THE MOON!!

Chris Berglund

Adding to its entertainment factor is the fact that the rider MUST weigh 400lbs.


"I used to be the leader of a biker gang until they died from carbon monoxide poisoning."

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