Craptions Classics November 08, 2010

Some cacti have better defensive mechanisms than others.


Other Craptions

Bad ass dudes slowly walk away from explosions. Bad ass chicks watch that shit burn.


Turns out that when appeasing the Volcano God, a "technical virgin" just doesn't cut it.


Rather than listen to her problems, the mountain instead committed explosive suicide


Mr Nesbitt has learnt the first lesson of not being seen. However he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.


When she joined Girl Scouts it wasn't hard to figure out at campfire time which one was Chuck Norris' daughter.


Well, what did you expect to find in a country called "Grenada?"


In the days before divorce was socially acceptable, you had to do what you had to do.

Thomas Calnan

I miss my ex. But my aim's getting better...


Yoko gives war a chance.


Once the Sioux were introduced to dynamite, their buffalo hunts could get a little crazy, especially if there was fire water involved.


Another failed attempt at getting free cable.


Shoulda' just given her half.


"Whoa Bill - let me know where you're going to put the dynamite next time. That's my favourite car parked next to my wife."

Thomas Calnan

Christina looked back at the dealership, happy that she ended up buying the 50-year old Hudson instead of one of the Toyotas.

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