Craptions Classics October 17, 2010

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Other Craptions

Most people thought that the landmine memorial was in pretty bad taste.


"Hey I found your legs Lieutenant Dan!"


The leper colony can't be far now.

Thomas Calnan

In your face, Spontaneous Combustion non-believers.


"That's not what I meant by: Take your top off."


That statue looks big, but it's only TWO FEET WIDE!


Oddly enough it cost the city an arm and a leg to build this.

Thomas Calnan

Doug was a terrific sculptor, but terrible at gauging how much material he needed.


Mr. Scott, did you remember to fix that teleporter malfunction?


A warning to any high school quarterback who loses the big game in Texas


In the year 3000, Vandals with Invisible Spray Paint will weak havoc on rural landmarks.


At least it's better than the statue of two feet wearing black socks with sandals.


I find topless beaches very disturbing sometimes.

Thomas Calnan

Somebody tell Phil to stop throwing the frisbee so hard - that's the third player we've lost today!

Thomas Calnan
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