Craptions Classics February 06, 2010

Next to it is a sculpture of a white foot that can actually afford a shoe...


Other Craptions

It had to be delivered by Toe Truck.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Paul "Bunion".


And this little piggy had roast beef... WAY too much roast beef!

Thomas Calnan

How the heck do you sell that house? "Cozy, has great view of foot?"


Heather Mills went really overboard replacing her foot since she got her divorce money...


That's the worst case of nigger toe I've ever seen.


Pictured: The Agony of DaFeet


The original Monty Python Foot.


The plaque says. "Yep, this is what is in the Mystery Spot. You drove 500 miles to see it because your kids begged you. And there is nobody here to kill in revenge. Ha!"


Ironically, the house across the street with all the junk in the yard complained about this as an "eyesore".


If peeing your pants is cool consider me miles davis...


In my hometown, we have a monument to honor Native American hero, Walks With A Limp.

No I said amputate the toe you dumbass!


Red Forman's famous "foot up your ass" and why it was so much of a threat to young Eric Forman.

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