Craptions Classics January 03, 2010

Tim Burton's Finding Nemo


Other Craptions

Never before in my life have I ever wanted to boil something alive that badly.


Holy shit! Red Lobster is people!!!!


"Honey, when you said that we'd share our sexual fantasies, I assumed I'd just have to give you oral or something."


We tried to throw them back, but the ocean spit them back out again.


Forty minutes ago, this conversation happened. "I don't know, I don't feel foolish enough yet. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Stilts, right?" "Damn, woman. You complete me. You COMPLETE me."


I can't stand public displays of shellfishness.


She's desperately trying to lose Nemo.


They both decided this year they would show up as a couple of crustaceans. They had no idea what crustaceans are.


Coming soon quite uninvited to your sex life


1,200 comedy writers fear lay-offs as Tiger Woods jokes write themselves.


They lied in their profiles on eHarmony. But they both took the bait.


Clearly this is a cry for kelp.


Tom Hanks got to pull a young, nubile Darryl Hannah out of the water. I get these retards.

Kelly Robinson

The sign said we HAD to be that tall! It said NOTHING about being taller than that! This is SO unfair...

Kamikaze Phoenix
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