Craptions Classics June 18, 2009

Exterminator: Salvation


Other Craptions

This parade will still be around long after all other parades have died in a nuclear holocaust.


We're going to need a bigger boot!!!

Thomas Calnan

The 9th annual cockroach parade brought tens of dollars into the local economy


At least it's a more believable religion than Scientology.


One morning Gregor Samsa awoke to find that he had turned from a giant bug into a human.


And here we see the inevitable result of stem cell research. This concludes the tour of the Kansas Museum of Science.


Six legs good, two legs bad!


You fool! First the dung beetles make you their king . . . then they ROLL YOU UP IN POO TO PLEASE THEIR GODS!


Come brothers, Kent Brockman has said he would welcome us as overloads.


Ok, the Nuclear holocaust is coming. I regret to inform you that the rumors are bullshit, you will die a horrible death with your families... Sorry.


Tony and his friends DO give a shit.


The annual Running of the Bullshit.

And, As leader of the crab people, i will ban ALL pots of steaming water!!!!


I went through 22 years of constipation to create this. You're damn right I want to put in the Guiness Book of World Records.

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