Was 'Arrested Development' A Remake of a 70s Sitcom?

Gay Character

On Soap, Billy Crystal portrayed television's first openly gay character. On Arrested Development, David Cross didn't. But Tobias was pretty clearly gay even if the joke was that he was closeted and not open at all. OK, not the best entry, but, again, I'm going for cumulative effect. Gay male characters.

Adopted Daughter Surprise

Here's a good one. As AD fans know, Michael Bluth's twin sister turns out to be three years older than he and actually adopted. Guess what? On Soap, it's revealed that Corrine Tate is also adopted. Both shows have big revelation episodes, revealing that one of the adult daughters is adopted. Was that redundant? Something being revealed in a revelation episode? Maybe. But then again, we're talking about repeating storylines so maybe I did it on purpose. (Or couldn't think of a better verb than "revealed" for the life of me. Can you think of a better verb? Good, be sure to tweet it on Twitter after reminding us not to follow you.

Pseudo Incest

Both Arrested Development and Soap have storylines dealing with incestuous relations that turn out not to be incestuous because the characters aren't technically related. Teens George Michael Bluth and his cousin Maebe Funke get all the way to second base and learn subsequently that Maebe's mom's adoption revelation (see entry 14) means they're not technically blood cousins. In Soap, Burt Campbell's son Peter hooks up with both his Aunt Jessica (Katherine Helmond a few years before being Mona on Who's the Boss) and his cousin Corrine. But seeing as he's related to these people only by his father Burt's marriage to Jessica's sister Mary, it's not technically incest, so hooray. Two shows that dangle on the edge of incest. Again, how many shows fit that list? Got another one? Great. Tell it to your best friend, then murder him before he shares the information with us.

Ventriloquist Sons

OK, so a few of these entries were stronger than others, but this should shut you up. Both shows feature sons who have a ventriloquist acts! Come on! Top that. Burt's son Chuck and his dummy Bob are a Soap mainstay and often the humor involves people treating Bob like he was real.

And, Arrested Development has Gob Bluth and his puppet Franklin. I can't think of any other shows with ventriloquist characters. Can you? If you can just shut up. You're lying. But seriously, how can these things be coincidence? They can't. Case closed. Thank you.

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