This Heroes recap will throw a stool right through a glass case of lesser Heroes recaps

stool.jpgI guess some interesting stuff happened in that episode. It was good to see Mr. Bennet reclaim a bit of his bad-ass-ness finally, and Sureshs feet-stomping, stool throwing tantrum was both sad and hilarious. But all the subplots feel really adrift from each other right now. Until they subplots start to combine, theyre basically nothing more than ten minutes vignettes which air once every two weeks. The promise of whats to come when these characters start to cross paths is tantalizing, but until that happens, it all feels like a bit of a dry hump.

On that note, I cant help but notice how much more enjoyable this show was when I was able to watch several episodes all at once. Last season I didnt get in to the show until after Christmas, and got to catch up on the first 11 episodes in a couple sittings. It was great - cliffhangers were less obtrusive, and if nothing happened in an episode I could always fire up the next one immediately after. Maybe next season Ill forego the regular blog updates, and instead write a 12000 word treatise on Season 3 after it comes out on DVD the following summer. People would want to read that, right?

Other things we learned this episode:

Peter and Caitlin went to Montreal after a remarkably short mourning period for her brother. There they enter what can only be described as some sort of mystery boutique, and find a note left for Peter from 'Adam.' Peter and Caitlin then manage to transport themselves to future New York, which is again deeply fucked and in need of saving. Which felt pretty weak as far as cliffhangers go. New York getting destroyed by a horrible catalysm is kind of old hat by now. Why cant Boston get decimated? I think people'd pay to see that.

And who the hell is Adam? One would guess he spent time with Peter sometime in the missing 4 months after the end of last season. Anoter clue: in the Companys lab, Mohinder noticed a folder labeled Adam Monroe. Ill bet whatever's in that folder, it's probably about some guy named Adam. And if we want to steer this analysis truck way off in to the hypothetical bushes here, Adam would also be a very fitting name for the original Hero. Just throwing that out there.

Mr. Bennets been somewhat of a lame duck this season. Ganted, the importance of having a caring father has long been recognized as a key element in reducing inner city crime. But for a guy with a purported history of being a tremendous badass, being reduced to car-pool duty is a little humiliating. So it was refreshing to see him so totally cold blooded this episode. He also demonstrated what is probably the best way to punctuate any sentence ever, the pistol whip. Try it out some time. I think youll like it.


Was anyone else alarmed at how piss-easy it evidently is to drive over the Mexican-U.S. border? Id always assumed that thered be a swim, or a tunnel, or at least a short hike involved. Im surprised this hasnt been in the news more. At a minimum, I'd suggest there should be a more menacing sign at the crossing. Something like No Entrada! with a picture of Mr. T flexing.

Those notes that Ando are reading are remarkably detailed, considering they each appear to hold about 15 characters. Whats the Japanese character for a love that threatens space-time and also betrays recently befriended magic-healing swordsman? That would make a really good tattoo.

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