The Second Episode of Heroes contained a Mysterious Plague Of Boredom

Well that wasn't terribly exciting.

All of the subplots sort of shuffled along their way, but none of them really threw up any surprises. The whole episode felt very much like the writers were simply moving characters around the playing field, sliding things in place for whatever the next set piece is going to be. Having balls-out action for twenty four episodes a year probably isnt possible, but it feels a little early in the season for a place-holder episode. All in all, Id have to give this episode 3 Mohinders*

mohinder_small.jpgmohinder_small.jpgmohinder_small.jpg*(where 5 Hiros is the highest score, and 12 Jessicas is the lowest.)alejandro.jpgIt wasn't complete uneventful however. Here's some things that we did learn:

The twins have a horrible curse: theyre from Honduras. Also the girl carries an impossibly horrible disease, which makes her a sort of comic book version of the Typhoid Mary. Fortunately it would appear that her brother can cure whatever shes carrying, making him some sort of Penicillin Mary.

Isaac made more paintings of the future, as yet unseen. What great mysteries could they contain? That the writers have run out of ideas already?

Matt Parkman has been a detective for the better part of a day and hasnt accidentally sat on or eaten his badge yet.

Peter has amnesia, and has gotten himself tangled up with a bunch of Irish gangsters. Many viewers will note that this is basically the same premise as last seasons cancelled post-Heroes show, The Black Donnellys. Does someone at NBC have their career staked on the pursuit of the 18-49 Irish-criminal demographic? The answer (yes) is dwarfed by the greater question, Why? west.jpg

The Haitian was sick, but hes better now. Mohinder sent him to California where he was reunited with Mr. Bennet. Prepare yourself for a lot of hushed conversations in the break room of Copy Kingdom.

West is persistent, kind of creepy, and probably a pervert. Dogs can see him.

Takezo Kensei has a +4 resistance to arrows.

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