The 9 Strangest Episodes in the History of 'Power Rangers'

#3-4. "Countdown to Destruction" (Power Rangers in Space, Episodes 42 & 43)

Saban Brands

For the first six years of the Power Rangers, the series stuck to a single, unified continuity. Sure, they stitched it together from multiple sentai shows and swapped out the cast members to keep things fresh (and when there were contract disputes, leading to a run of five or six episodes where half the Rangers appear as silhouetted stunt doubles before their characters are called off to attend a junior U.N. conference in Europe from which they never return), but it was all one show. When word came down that they were going to adopt the Japanese model of making each season an independent series with its own cast and theme, the creators realized that they really had to go out with a bang. Wait, "bang" means batshit crazy series finale, right? Because that's what they did.

Saban Brands
Exploding by starship indigestion is just the end of part one.

To start with, they brought back every villain from the past six years for a massive team-up and a plot that spanned two seasons that saw them kidnapping Zordon. This proved to be surprisingly easy, since, as some of you already know, Zordon is a doughy floating face in a tube. By the time the final episode rolled around, the Rangers had finally found him, but their giant robots were destroyed in the process and the Earth was taken over by the bad guys, leading to a truly amazing scene where a group of civilians led by Bulk and Skull pulled a Spartacus and declared themselves to be the Power Rangers. There was clearly only one solution, offered up by Zordon to the Red Ranger: "Break my tube."

Saban Brands
"Let my warm seed of good spray across the galaxy."

See, as it turns out, Zordon's tube contains pure Good Energy, which, when released by, you know, punching it until it breaks, spreads out into space and destroys all the evil in the entire universe, which is exactly what happens. A few villains are vaporized instantly, but in one of the weirdest moments of the entire franchise, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd are turned into a pair of yuppies.

Saban Brands
"Wanna see if all my skin grew back?"

It's a pretty dynamite ending, but it does raise a few questions. Like, if Zordon was capable of destroying all the evil in the world with a single act of self-sacrifice, isn't it kind of a dick move to send a bunch of teens out to fight and possibly die instead? And if all the evil in the world was destroyed by the Good Energy of Zordon's Tube (this is actually how it is phrased in the show), then how come this show went on for another 16 years?

#1-2. "Island of Illusion" (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Episodes 27 & 28)

Saban Brands

If there's one thing you should take away from this list, it's that whenever the writers of Power Rangers are tasked with diverging from the Japanese source material, they always end up going in the craziest possible direction. It's like a rule, and it's one that's established pretty early on, when Rita decides to deal with the Rangers by sending them to the Island of Illusion -- "where nothing is real except the danger!" This, incidentally, is something told to them by a giant spectral floating head of an ape man in gold armor, but that's something that happens to those dudes literally every day.

Saban Brands
"I watch when you poop!"

All things considered, it's a pretty standard plot. The Rangers are trapped and forced to face their greatest fears (well, snakes) (well, one snake), but the twist is that every time their confidence is shaken, they start to fade out like Marty McFly's siblings before he got his parents to make out, and the only thing that can save them is a little person who a) is dressed as a leprechaun, b) plays the flute, c) speaks in rhyme, and d) is named Quagmire.

Saban Brands
Oh, and e) DJs break-dancing competitions in his spare time.

The thing is, the way that he saves them is by reminding them that they can stop fading out and solidify if they regain their confidence, which they do by thinking of moments where they've triumphed over evil in the past. So not only does he have to give them this reminder six fucking times (because each Ranger needs their own reminder, even though they're all together, because apparently being a Teenager With Attitude also means that you're dumber than a sack of doorknobs), it also means that this is really just a clip show, with the single most convoluted setup that a clip show has ever had.

Saban Brands
"Seriously, were you all held back grades? Is that why you all look 25?"

I mean, the budget for leprechaun costumes and rhyming dictionaries alone probably kept that one from being a profitable decision, right?

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