The 6 Most Horrifying Child's Beauty Pageant Contestants

#3. Autistic Miss Personality

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Every so often, as someone whose great aspirations in life amount to making the largest number of people possible laugh, I come across a joke that I wish was mine. Something so perfectly funny that I am envious of how it came into existence. There are some comedians who are so adept at making fun that they can do this frequently, and less frequent are the times when the world itself conspires to make something so hilarious happen that I wish I had been the creator of those circumstances. This is arguably one of the best ones ever. This is the story about how an autistic girl won a Miss Personality prize.

Filling my Australia quota for this article is Tahnee Myles, whose mother entered her in a Melbourne beauty pageant. Tahnee suffers from autism and managed to win Miss Personality at the pageant. Right here, right at this perfect moment, is where everything is wrong. Nothing that happens now will be right, but the story will keep coming. To start, Tahnee's mom pitched a royal fit upon hearing the prize her daughter had won because her daughter apparently just has a half loaf of shit for personality. In the very strictest sense, you can see what she's saying because, as an autistic child who apparently doesn't have the greatest personality, maybe she wasn't deserving of it. On the other hand, way to crap on your own kid. But then back on that first hand, of all the kids in the pageant, you picked the autistic one for a personality prize? Was that a bizarre joke? I laughed.

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Knees have been slapped!

Tahnee's mom called the pageant out as a farce, because that's what it takes to make something like this a farce. The judges defended themselves by suggesting that they judge the pageant to make everyone feel good about themselves, in that way that all kids feel good about themselves when they're paraded in front of people and then awarded things based on how they look. Or, in this case, how well their brain works to make them seem personable. All things you can tell by watching a little girl in makeup dance to Lady Gaga, I guess is what I'm saying.

#2. Sex Offender Awareness

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One of the most common critiques of children's beauty pageants comes in the form of vague, ethereal threats of child predators. Pageants are fodder for sex offenders, they're pedophiliac dreams, and all manner of grossness is going to happen at each and every one. The brightest spot of researching this article was when I discovered very little evidence to support any of that. Yay for a lack of atrocity! Let's celebrate with a beer.

Now that we're done celebrating, on to the story about a child beauty pageant and a sex offender that I did find pretty easily. Don't worry, it has a funny ending. Funny like when a clown gets shot. Like you laugh a little but your heart isn't in it.

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Eat lead, you jovial fuck.

During a block party, Michael Light paused to ask police officers the way to the Little Miss Fairborn beauty pageant. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested for causing a bit of a ruckus riding his bike in an unsafe area, and after doing a quick background check, police discovered that Light was a convicted sex offender and not the kind of person you want showing up at your beauty pageant. Then again, most of the parents are the kind of people you don't want showing up either.

Light argued with the cops about his bike riding habits until they finally took him into custody, thus inadvertently stopping him from spreading his creepiness all the way to Little Miss Fairborn and saving the day so that this entry could end on a high note. Not too shabby.

#1. This Monster


Sarah Burge is a British golem made from refuse and blush that collects in the traps under the sinks of prostitutes. She's chiefly known as being a proponent of plastic surgery and has spent over a quarter of a million dollars over 20 years trying to perfect her look as a disgusting trollop.

Burge was once attacked by an ex-boyfriend and disfigured, which triggered whatever mental illness she currently suffers that has convinced her that plastic surgery is the be all and end all in life. While it's sad that she had to endure that and kind of nice that she found a way to make herself feel comfortable after the fact, none of that justifies how she is now unloading her madness on her young daughter.

Nothing offensive to humanity here. Move along.

Burge first made child abuse headlines by teaching her 6-year-old daughter Poppy to pole dance back in 2011 and somehow managed to convince herself that it's no different than playing on a jungle gym. She thinks this because of her unbridled douchiness, which prohibits her from understanding what it means to sexualize a child. She values herself only insofar as how she looks and how she is perceived by others, which as an adult woman who is as shallow as a puddle means as a sex object. She is therefore unable to understand why her daughter would have any value in this world if not for her physical appearance and any sexual pleasure she could give to others. She's fucking disgusting.

In later years, Burge gifted her daughter with plastic surgery vouchers on her birthday, one year for liposuction and one year for breast augmentation. She can't use them now, because it would be unethical beyond belief for a doctor to do that to a child, but it does show how little faith her mom has in her growing up to look anything other than disgusting and, presumably, as a fat, titless wonder.

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"Love you, Momma ...ugh, gettin' sweaty standin' up for so long."

Lately Burge has been threatening to bring her daughter to America to storm the pageant circuit, because one has to assume that she saw the vacuous suckholes on Toddlers & Tiaras and felt she could do much better than them at awful parenting.

For a spot of hilarity, check out her appearance on Anderson Cooper when Cooper just cut the interview short by calling her awful. She later replied by criticizing Cooper as using her for international fame and having a duty to care for minors. The irony of both of these statements killed several interns who were standing too close.

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