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The 5 Worst Kickstarter Ideas That Actually Got Funded

#2. Twisted: Plagiarism in the Key of C!

Twisted, a musical adaptation of Disney's Aladdin in the style of Wicked, a musical based on The Wizard of Oz novels, in turn based on the novel Push, by Sapphire, which was of course notoriously cribbed from something Shane Black scribbled on a cocktail napkin in 1982, could actually be all right, for all I know. I'm not judging the content so much as the concept. The concept being that some theater kids are going to write and produce a twice-plagiarized musical, and you, someone who lives far away and will likely never see the musical, are going to pay for it. Did I mention that our thing gets transmitted to your phone via satellite?

MADE: $140,000, and Andrew Lloyd Webber roll over in the grave in which he sleeps due to eccentricity.

#1. Oculus Rift: Headgear and Nerds, Together Again

The Oculus Rift is a gaming device that's garnered a bunch of awards, including a Best of E3 nomination, and looks incredible, judging by reactions in the Kickstarter video. The only problem with it is that I'm old enough to recall the Virtual Boy. And I bought one. And it's this. Except "Virtual Boy" doesn't sound like a horrific eye trauma ... "I'm sorry, ma'am, we did everything we could for your son, but the Oculus Rift spread and now he's losing eye goo at a dangerous rate."

MADE: 2.4 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS, and me have to look up images of leaking eye goo just to cool down.


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