The 5 Worst Attempts to Start a Catchphrase in Rap History

Lil Jon is the worst rapper you've ever heard until you're the exact right amount of drunk at a big party, and then you feel like every song he's ever written was made just for you.

"You're the voice of a generation!"

"White Meat" is a Lil Jon track off Crunk Juice, which was a very fun sentence for me to type. Lil Jon doesn't cover a lot of ground in his songs; he raps about partying as hard as possible, and he raps about fighting and being tough. Sometimes there will be a crossover, where he raps about a party that went so crazy that he ended up fighting someone, or the rare reverse of that, where a fight got so crazy that he just had to start dancing.

"White Meat" is one of the angry, fighty raps, and when he says "White Meat" in this song, he's specifically referring to your bones. He's going to beat you "to the white meat," meaning he's going to beat you so hard that he'll see your bones.

Examples of Usage

I heard you (FELLAS!) don't like me, like me

I know you boys wanna fight me, fight me

I know where yo kids and yo wife be, wife be

Bust a (FELLA'S!) head to the white meat, white meat.

-- Lil Jon's "White Meat"

I also found a song called "To Da White Meat" by (currently unsigned) rapper Fam B.I., who, according to his Myspace page, has a Myspace page.

Why It Never Really Caught On

Oh, Lil Jon. Bones aren't meat, you goofball!
Look at all of that delicious white meat.

Also, by its nature, this just isn't a phrase that can be picked up by the mainstream -- it can only be used in other rap songs (and apparently only by obscure local rappers, like Fam B.I.). No real human would use that phrase if they were about to get in a fight. Whoever their opponent is would just say "Dude, you can't steal trash talk; that's a lyric from a Lil Jon song" (or "that's a lyric from a Fam B.I. song," if your opponent happened to have seen Fam B.I. performing at his local open mic night or whatever).

Any scenario wherein you're using "beat you to the white meat" as a threat will end poorly. Either everyone will dismiss you for stealing a rap lyric in the middle of a very serious fight, or they won't have heard the song, so you'll have to explain that "white meat" means "bone," and then they'll say "That's stupid," but you can't hear them, because also they're punching you, right in the eye-meat.

One of the first singles from Watch the Throne, the highly anticipated collaboration album between Kanye West (very famous) and Jay-Z (very talented), was called "H.A.M." and, throughout the song, Misters West and Z continuously remind everyone that, when they're going out, they're going "H.A.M.: Hard as a Muthafucka." They claim that they're going hard as muthafuckas so people know who they are, but let's be real; everyone knows who Kanye West and Jay-Z are. The only reason that every chorus of this song is literally "I'm going H.A.M.: Hard as a muthafucka" is just to make "H.A.M." a thing.

Examples of Usage

I'm going HAM. Hard as a muthafucka.

-- "H.A.M."

Just listen to the song. And listen to how cavalier Jay and Kanye are about tossing H.A.M. around like it was already a thing. Shut up, guys.

Shut the fuck up.

Why It Never Really Caught On

The very first time I heard this song, it made me think of the movie Mean Girls. Mean Girls is about a bunch of high school girls of varying levels of popularity and niceness. One of them (Gretchen), desperate to make her mark on the school, repeatedly uses the word "fetch," an abbreviation of "fetching" (like "totes" or "adorbz"). She tries to just drop it nonchalantly in the middle of a conversation, hoping that a few friends would hear it and start spreading it around until, eventually, the whole school would be saying "fetch!" Her dreams are crushed when the meanest of the mean girls orders her to stop saying "fetch," as "'Fetch' is never going to be a thing."

That's what I think of when I hear "H.A.M." Jay-Z and Kanye acting like a high school girl desperately trying to coin the new hip slang.

"H.A.M" is never going to be a thing, you guys.

Because it's stupid. Because no one, even the hardest among us, will ever feel comfortable telling his friends, "I can't stay in and play board games with you all, as I will be out going H.A.M. all night long. Don't wait up; going H.A.M. is sort of an all-night affair, I'm told. I'm sort of the H.A.Mster of this group and -- You know what, I just heard what I sound like and no one's ever going to have sex with me, screw it, I'll stay home and play board games, this'll be fun."

Daniel O'Brien is's senior writer (ladies) and is thrilled that H.A.M. will never be a thing (Kanye).

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