5 Unsettling Sub-Genres of Fan Art Lurking on the Internet

#2. My Little Pony Characters as Homicidal Maniacs


Lost in all the mocking of bronies is the fact that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a sweet, silly, inoffensive children's show. Aside from all the weird fan art porn out there featuring colorful cartoon horses getting plowed by massive horse penises, My Little Pony fan art can be exactly as you'd imagine it to be.

Like Lisa Frank and Bob Ross tag-teamed a canvas.

But not all of it. Along with the prerequisite nice-thing-to-vicious-porn conversation fan art creators typically run their fandom through, there's a big segment of the show's fanbase that's made up of people who should be on an FBI watch list and are in dire need of intense psychiatric aid. How else could you explain the insane, graphic and deeply troubling My Little Pony torture porn that's out there? There's a lot of it on the internet, and that ...


shit ...


is ...

fucking ...




A lot of it centers on the character Pinkie Pie, the "crazy one" of the group. Fan art and fanfic creators have turned her from delightfully nuts to full-on homicidal lunatic, particularly in a really fucked up fanfic called Cupcakes. That last picture up there of Pinkie Pie torturing Rainbow Dash in a basement is an artist's rendering of the story, created to expand upon the rich visual tapestry of the tale. Still, it doesn't explain why I can find images of every other pony caked in another pony's blood, so I'll just chalk it up to fans being so sick of getting saturated with the show's innocence that they create a pony hell for the characters as an outlet for the darkness to balance it out.

Maybe it's time to recalibrate that balance.

#1. Batman Eating


Let's cheer things up a bit. Here, cleanse your palate of all that pony gore with a drawing of Batman eating a lollipop:


Still feeling unclean? Well, here's Batman eating corn:


How about Batman slurping down some wriggling tentacles as a light, protein-packed snack:


I can go on. I've got literally dozens of links to pictures of Batman eating. I don't know what to do what all these things, so here -- you take them. Want Batman as an enormous slob, who apparently chose to wear his Batsuit during a bountiful feast for a couple dozen, but he's gorging on it all by himself? BAM! I've got that covered:


Wonder what Batman would look like if he crashed a wedding and started eating the top part of a multi-tiered wedding cake? WHAMM! Here you go:


In the mood for justice and Latin cuisine? KAPOW! Batman eating a delicious empanada:


Okay, how about I type a random set of words and we see what happens? How about ... Batman wearing purple culottes and eating poutine?


Damn, internet!

Fast food burgers. Bananas. Fried chicken. Hot dogs. Hell, I've got Batman eating a hot dog in video form. Maybe you've seen it:

There's no website out there that commanded a legion of disparate artists to draw Batman eating. In the rare instance when the artist of a picture of Batman eating was kind enough to explain why he or she drew Batman eating, they usually said some variation of: "I didn't know what to draw, so I drew Batman eating."

My guess is that caped crusading burns a lot of calories, and a bunch of people decided to give Batman a snack as a reward for all his do-gooding. He's not real, so they drew him eating as the next best thing. But I feel like we can go a little further in aiding Batman. Fan artists have made him eat a lot. Let's consider snack time over and draw Bats brushing his tee-


Never mind. Forget I said anything.

Luis is posing so a legion of internet artists can draw him picking his nose for some reason. You can find him on Twitter and Tumblr.

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