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5 Unsettling Sub-Genres of Fan Art Lurking on the Internet

When fans of a movie or a character have some shred of artistic talent, they can't help but try to draw their own version of the thing they love. Go on Deviant Art, type in the name of your favorite fictional character, and you'll find art that fluctuates between incredible and laughable. Keep digging and strange patterns arise -- popular characters in peculiar situations or performing oddly specific actions. Notice it the first time, your eyes will open, and you'll start to notice it everywhere. That character you love is being drawn in a very specific way, doing a very specific thing, being drawn to act in a specific way, over and over. There's no reason for it.

And it's all usually crazy as shit. Or it exists for the internet's favorite reason: because. I have no idea why, but here are some examples of very specific directions fans have taken their fan art ...

#5. The Hulk Taking a Shit

Superheroes are so above and beyond the rest of us that fan artists occasionally like to knock them down a peg or two by drawing them into common situations that we all experience. Since there's nothing more common than taking a dump, why not draw the giant rage beast that is the Hulk as he takes a few minutes to drop a deuce?

Why can't Hulk feel a hint of shame as his immense weight turns a toilet into dust?

Why can't the Hulk encounter a flushing mishap after he blasts gamma-shit in someone else's toilet?

Why can't Hulk apply the same determination he uses to battle foes to move his bowels a little?

The poor guy must need fiber supplements or a stern cup of coffee to help those turds slip out of that immaculately-toned green ass of his; because even more than the act of pooping itself, fan artists specifically love making the Hulk put some fury into pooping, some real vein popping strain.

It's not limited to drawings. Here's a statue someone found in a shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea:

There's always a newspaper in his hands, always a shattered toilet, always a monumental struggle to shit. But some of us don't always use the toilet to shit. Sometimes we close the bathroom door, sit on the toilet lid, and we think. We contemplate. And so, too, does the Hulk.

But most of the time he's a furious shit monster.

#4. Fat Harry Potter

Harry Potter is skinny. Fans with varying degrees of artistic talent would prefer if he were fat. So, they drew Harry Potter if he were fat.

I'm pretty sure that was the extent of the thought process behind the tons of art depicting the normally rail-thin boy wizard as being too out of shape to do half the things he does in the books. What I find fun about this strange subculture of fan art is how each image, even if it's wordless, still tells its own silly little story.

For example, in this one:

A spell backfired on Harry and now he's been primed to rip some crazy magic farts.

In this one ...

I imagine that as Harry grew older, he grew a gut and some sass and became the cool Hogwarts professor male students can talk to about girls, in spite of the unconfirmed rumors that Professor Potter is gay.

In this one ...

Snape comforts Harry after the pressures of being The Boy Who Lived have finally caught up to him, and he learned a spell that materializes food out of thin air and materialized a feast into his body in a mad fit of stress eating.

And in this one ...

Oooh, man! The story here is great! You see, the three of them got fat.

#3. Disney Princesses Re-imagined as Anything Other than a Disney Character

Disney princesses are beloved, cherished, everlasting, a part of a well-balanced childhood pop cultural diet. Yet, for some reason, anyone who can draw would prefer Disney princesses if they were apart of absolutely any other franchise from any other corner of pop culture rather than their own.

It's so prevalent that I can Google the phrase "Disney princesses as..." followed by damn near any other property in existence; and you'll find Jasmine, Cinderella and the rest of the Disney pantheon of princesses as that thing. So, when writing this entry, I purposefully didn't do too much research. I will Google "Disney princesses as..." and fill in the blank with the first franchise I think of to see if there's crossover fan art. I'll present my findings whether the search is a success or a failure.

First search term: "Disney Princesses as Doctor Who."

Second search term: "Disney princesses as Mortal Kombat."

Third search term: "Disney princesses as Pokemon."

Fourth search term: "Disney princesses as Marvel characters."

Fifth search term: "Disney princesses as Star Wars."

It goes on and on: Street Fighter, Moulin Rouge, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

How about something else entirely? Disney princesses as high schoolers, as different ethnicities, as boys, as roller derby girls, as college students.

Artists want the princesses to be everything the artists love, maybe even a little bit of the artists themselves, and so they make it happen. They've been crossed over into pretty much every corner of life and nerdom. Everything. Except for steampunk, strangely enough.

Wait. That can't be. Let me Goog- ah, there it is!

Should have known better. It's practically a law of the internet: if it exists, there's a steampunk version of it somewhere.

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