The 5 Most Overused Jokes On the Internet

Interwebz/Series of Tubes

Back in 2006, Alaska Senator Ted Stevens used the term "series of tubes" while explaining the Internet. The poor description was cited as an example of the Senator's unfamiliarity with the Net. Similarly, the term "Interwebz" is a deliberately awkward mixture of Internet and the Web put in the plural form which is also awkard. The point being that more than five years ago these were some phrases conveying ignorance of the Net.

"I didn't think people would keep making fun of me online way past the point of it being funny. Then again, I guess I don't know a lot about the Internet."

Yeah, more than five years ago. But despite the time passage and despite that even my mother (who still doesn't use ATMS) has never mispronounced the Internet or failed to understand what it is, this "joke" somehow persists. Bloggers use it incessantly. First it was annoying because much like TMI, the facetious use of the term implies that the writer is hip enough to know how to pronounce the Internet and understand what it does. Congratulations. My father is pushing 80 and recently installed all new drivers to run 64 bit programs. You're awesome.

But I don't even think that's the point of the joke anymore. There's just some sort of widespread online delusion that using these terms with nothing more is somehow smile-worthy. It's the greatest example of wrongheaded e-thinking since a billion people gave thumbs up to a Fred video on YouTube.

If this country has the good sense to reject other things it found funny in 2006 (like Dane Cook) then can't we agree it's time for this cliche to go too?

"Everyone will still be doing this is 2011. Trust me."

______y Mc________

Maybe a little confusing with those blanks, but this is the device where you insult/describe someone, usually with an adjective ending in "y" and a noun with a "Mc" pre-fix. Some examples might be:

Skanky McNoTalent

Blandy McReaganFace

Deady MacTooSoonJoke

Unlike the other entries on this list, I still kind of enjoy this. It's a fun construction and one that that surprised me when I first saw people using it because I thought I invented it in college by calling my friends "Douchey McFuckface." But it's just too easy, and we've all used it just too damn much. Much like your mom.

See? Even though the gratuitous use of a mother joke there was kind of funny, I wish I hadn't done it. The way I felt after I did your mom. Because now we just all feel a little dirty and used now. Much like your mom. Y'know, your mom: Clappy McGenitalWarts.

See? Doesn't matter if it still gets a laugh, it's tired and worn out from all the abuse. Just like your mom's . . . well you get the point.

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Also, thanks to Liz Coleman for the ___. ____. Ever! suggestion.

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