The 3 Worst Side Effects of Every Presidential Election

#1. The YouTube Videos ... Good Lord, the YouTube Videos

You can expect every sketch troupe and comedy website to put out election-themed videos every year, because staying topical and relevant is useful in sketch comedy. Your favorite sketch troupe will make some video about politics, and then a month later, a Christmas-themed video, and on and on, because that's what they do.

The weird thing is that this is the time of year when other people decide they need to get on the sketch video bandwagon. These people live their whole lives doing whatever their jobs are, but when it's almost time to vote, they put their jobs on hold to make an Internet video supporting or attacking a candidate. Usually -- and here's the weird part of the weird part -- with a rap song. There's something about election season that makes otherwise normal Americans wake up and say "I need to rent a green screen studio for the day and make a rap video about voting. For the people."

Some people make earnest rap videos supporting candidates they legitimately believe in, while others use the genre to trash the candidates they hate. Whether they're supporting or condemning a candidate, 9 times out of 10 you can bet that they don't actually know how to rap. It's baffling to me. One of the raps even opens with the lyric "His name is Romney and he's here to say," which is exactly what I say when I'm doing my impression of a guy who doesn't know how to rap and lives in 1996.
"Throw your hands in the air like you just don't rap."

My favorite political fan video to hate last election was "It's Raining McCain," because it involved trying to convince us that "get" rhymed with "McCain," which is one of the boldest stances on the ways that words sound that I've ever witnessed. This year, I think my favorite might be "Obama-Romney Debate Via Song," which dared to combine rapping, Rebecca Black's "Friday" (talk about timely!) and that hip new animation style that looks like what nightmares would make if nightmares took drugs.


If you think that image of Romney dancing with a cat-faced CG-monster is the weirdest visual in this video, then you probably haven't seen the one of Obama wearing a propeller cap riding a giant pot leaf like a magic carpet, directly beneath this sentence.


The video also includes Obama doing a "Call Me Maybe" parody ...


... and Romney in a leather vest and a pimp hat while "The Hustle" plays ...


If you're anything like me, watching that video would be a good use of your time, because your time is absolutely worthless.

Daniel O'Brien is's senior writer (ladies), and ELECTION ELECTION ELECTION (election). Follow him on Twitter. Or don't!

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