The 12 Most Baffling Genres of Stock Photo, Explained

Men in suits are the most excited they've ever been ...

- ... because the big merger went through.

- ... because they're wearing abnormally comfortable suits.

- ... because the big merger fell through.

- ... because they just remembered about jumping and happen to be wearing suits.

I am pouring the fuck out of this milk ...

- ... because I am hovering 10 feet above the glass and can only aim and pour from 10 feet above the glass.

- ... because fuck you that's how I pour my milk.

- ... because I just never learned the correct way to pour milk, I guess ...

- ... because I am Andrew WK.

You just woke up your wife in the kitchen and boy are you gonna get it ...

- ... because your wife bakes while sleeping and also she's terrible.

- ... because no other reason.

This piece of mail is unprecedented and devastating ...

- ... because there's a death in the family.

- ... because there's a death in the future, and it's my death.

- ... because my spouse is leaving me for another piece of mail.

- ... because there's a death in the Wham!ily, which is my Wham! fan club.

- ... because I never get mail and even though I'm enjoying this current mail, its very existence reminds me of how I rarely get mail. Bum-mer.

It is practically too much fun almost biting pizza ...

- ... because I'm teasing someone who can't eat pizza, and teasing is super fun haha fuck that person who can't eat pizza.

- ... because I'm at a birthday party and we're playing Don't Bite The Pizza and I hate that game but I don't want to be rude at the party, so sure, I'll smile and not bite this pizza but ugh this party sucks.

- ... because I know that in less than a second, I will be biting pizza.

Studying on the floor frustrates me to the point of visually expressing my frustration ...

- ... because I quickly realized that I don't have to study on the floor and I hate it when I'm wrong about stuff.

- ... because someone is making me study on the floor.

- ... because I forgot that I have 12 tests tomorrow but none of them are about studying on the floor.

- ... because I just read a scary fact about floors.

7 through 12 below (underneath whatever ad happens to show up below)...

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