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It's hidden YouTube gems time, baby! We dig up the most criminally underappreciated videos and give them the respect that they deserve. At the risk of taking liberties with your sanity, here are the other parts, which you can use to fill the ever deepening cavern in your soul:

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Part 7

(And if you still have more soul-cavern filling to do, watch Cracked's new mini-series Rom.Com.)

Crazy Licking Guy

Let me just say that I hate the sound of someone smacking their lips when they eat, but as far as I can tell, this guy is some sort of taste tester for some company. That being said, the lip smacking is actually why I laughed so much at this video. The person who made it not only focused on it, but made dozens of picture-in-picture overlays of his mouth licking and smacking all over the damn place. What would have otherwise been an annoying clip of a man taunting you to punch him in his stupid lick-smacker metamorphoses into a brilliant, nightmarish lick frenzy of comedy.

You Shall Not Pass

I can't imagine the time and planning this must have taken to pull off. The costume work, the props, the timing. It's a guy dressed as Gandalf, complete with a staff and a sword, standing on train tracks as a subway-type car pulls up and is forced to stop as he yells, "Go back to the shadows! You shall not pass!" Then he awkwardly sticks the sword in the rocks and lightly thuds the train with his staff. Just when you think that's it, a group of costumed people run out of the woods as he keeps the train at bay, just lightly whopping it as the conductor comes out and tries to get him out of the damn way.

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Benny Hill Dancers

I'm of the belief that you can take any situation and add "Yakety Sax" to it and it will become instant comedy. The darker, the better. I'm insisting that it be played at my funeral on a loop. This video is exactly that, except replace the funeral with weird white-guy dancing. Which, actually, now that I think about it, is pretty much the same thing. The next time you're having a shitty day, just put this video on a loop, and I promise you, your day will do a 180.

The Tuba Wizard

Undoubtedly someone will pop up and say, "That's not a tuba. That's a frinzeffel flopula horn." But I don't give a shit, I'm calling it a tuba. And even though that guy looks like he's just wearing a green bathrobe, he looks like a wizard to me, so that's what he is. A wizard playing a tuba. Badly. Switching from location to location, just happily mouth farting into his dented, tarnished tuba and steadily losing his powerful wizard breath. Right up until the end, when he has to pull away in a fit of wizard coughing.

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Just a Normal Day in Class

You'll hear me say this a lot in these articles, but I love it when someone knows exactly when to cut off the joke and just leave it for what it is. This one is eight seconds of perfection, and I won't ruin the ending for you. Just know that I've watched it way more than what a normal human would consider sane.

Ridiculously Excited Sports Announcers

Out of respect to subtlety, I really love listening to foreign announcers pronounce English names. It's hilarious to me when I hear a jumble of unfamiliar words laced with thick accents and then something like "Bob Smith" pops up in the middle. I will laugh every time because I am 12. On the not-so-subtle side, "LARRY, LARRY, LARRY, LARRY, LARRY, LARRY, LARRY -- FIIIIITZGERALD!" I could seriously watch these all day. Like this one, where the announcer is clearly having his first orgasm:


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Penguins Discover Rope

If you had read me that title and expected me to excitedly click on it, you'd be wrong. Genocide wrong. But point my head at the monitor and force me to watch it, and I'm like, "Why didn't you show me this before, you asshole?!" It's the most wonderful mood-boosting video I've seen in a while. A group of penguins discover a rope that's tied to some rafts, and they have no idea what to make of it. So, like any curious being, they study it for a few seconds and then decide, "You know what? I think I'll trip myself over that on purpose." And then they do. All of them.

Little Girl Discovers Ice

Speaking of "OMG SO CUTESIE," this is a 14-second video of a barely old enough to walk little girl discovering ice for the first time. It's cute enough on its own, just watching her stomp around on that little frozen puddle, but it's the end that gets me. She's so bundled up that she can barely move, so when she bends over to get a closer look -- "Foont."

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Long Live the King

This is another short one. It's only six seconds long, but it's perfect. It's just a guy's dog trying to climb up on the bed and its owner turning it into a scene from The Lion King. The fact that this video has less that 2,000 views as of the writing of this article makes me want to punch the world. We owe this man more than that. Somebody find out who that is and give him money and our eternal thanks.

Turkey Attack!

If you knew how hard I laughed when I first saw this video, you'd have me committed. And if you knew how hard I still laugh, 30 viewings later, you'd have me executed. It's a woman shooting something or other when a turkey decides to check her out. She starts freaking out a little and telling it to go away between "Oh my God" gasps, eventually full on running away and screaming. Yep, that's funny by itself, but what really makes me lose it is when she gets to her car. She continues to film as the turkey circles the car, out of vision. And then, like the world's greatest horror movie, its head pops up into frame, and I laugh so hard, my abs cry. It's so goddamn stupid, but I can't stop watching it.

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