The 10 Best Pieces of Comedy Genius Hiding on YouTube, Pt. 9

It's hidden YouTube gems time, baby! We dig up the most criminally underappreciated videos and give them the respect they deserve. At the risk of taking liberties with your sanity, here are the other parts, which you can use to fill the ever-deepening cavern in your soul:

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#10. Happy Meal Rampage

I will never, ever get tired of ridiculous video game mods, and this one is right up at the top of the list. It's a simple change for Grand Theft Auto IV that turns your character into a psychotically smiling Happy Meal. Yes, that Happy Meal -- the one from McDonald's. It brought me such joy as a child with its gifts of cheeseburgers, fries, and a little plastic toy that broke by the end of the day. And now it brings me even greater joy as an adult with gifts of explosions, screams of terror, and throwing police cars at civilians.

Of course, if violence isn't your thing, you could always just relax at the strip club and get a lap dance. And then confuse the hell out of your libido when she appears to crawl inside your gaping maw of horror.

I won't say anything about the ending because I don't want to spoil it for you ... but the last 41 seconds of this video made me laugh so hard, I almost made this article one entry long. And then went back to change all of the other YouTube articles to the same single video.

#9. Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!

The hardest part of comedy for the average person is knowing when to stop. That's why I love short, one-joke videos like this one. It's only seven seconds long, and it stays around only as long as it has to. It's just a snippet from one of those cheesy late-night infomercials, and the guy has dubbed his own voice over an elderly woman who's demonstrating it ... badly. The whole thing is mildly funny on its own, but when he breaks into his "yeeeeeaaaaahhhh" at the end, I completely lose it. If you were to play this thing on a loop and tell me to let you know when I've had enough, I'd never say a word. I've watched it so many times now, I hear his "yeah" in my sleep.

#8. Singing Sucker Fish

I have so many questions about this. Is it one of those commercials that's meant to go viral? Is it a real music video? Is it just an amateur video someone shot and then edited to appear like these fish were singing? Actually, scratch that -- I don't give a shit. All I know is that when I watch it, I laugh like a moron, and it brings me great joy. Seeing that sucker fish thing happily belting out those lyrics is a great reminder that as complicated and hard as life can sometimes be, humans are still awesome enough to create such wonderfully stupid pieces of art. Seriously, play that video the next time you feel like crap and see if it doesn't lighten the load a bit.

#7. Screaming Mudskippers

Have you ever seen a video that's so goddamn funny, but you have no idea why? Like as you're laughing at it, you actually say "That's so stupid" out loud? This is one of those. It's just a video of two mudskippers flopping around with their mouths open, and the sound has been replaced with two screaming voices. So now it looks like the two little fish have completely freaked out, dropped all means of communication, and resorted to primal screaming right into each other's faces. No rhyme or reason ... just blatant screaming and flopping. And it is beyond my abilities to stop laughing at it. It's just perfect.

#6. Floppy Soccer

The single greatest thing to ever happen to video games is ragdoll physics. Not because of innovation or technological breakthroughs, but because when it's applied to simple games like soccer, it turns the whole thing into a floppy, ridiculous mess. Watching the little men trip and fall over themselves as they slowly shimmy around the field is one of the most gloriously stupid things I've ever had the privilege to see. It looks like a field full of 90-year-old Alzheimer's patients, and I just realized that I would pay a large amount of money to watch that in real life.

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